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The Odd Year for Weather

This afternoon I was reading an article printed in the Cornell Newsletter that was about this year's weather and how it's affected turf growth and turf pests, such as crabgrass and nutsedge. We've all seen how crazy the weather has been this year - this summer had periods of extreme heat and lots Read More


HE FINALLY DID IT!!!Tiger has won again on the PGA Tour!! Not only was it his first win in over 5 years, but it was the final tournament of the season!! This is the type of story you'd find in a cheesy movie, but this time it's real life. Think about all of the close calls he had this year; Read More

Junior League Success

This past weekend our Junior League All Star team competed in the Regional Championships at Ledge Rock Golf Club in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. Our team was one of four that made it to this prestigious event - the other three teams were representing Syracuse, New Jersey, and Delaware. All four teams Read More

Summer is Checking Out

It's one of those times of the year when you wish it wasn't that time of year - the end of summer. The temperature is starting to drop, to leaves will begin to fall, you'll have to put away the swimsuit and cover the pool - I could go on, but we all know the routine. However, there is plenty of Read More

The Ryder Cup Begins in a Month!

It's now the end of August and the Ryder Cup is just one month away! This year's Cup runs from September 28th to the 30th. It's being played near Paris - it's just the second time a Ryder Cup has been held in continental Europe. While the rosters for both teams haven't been finalized yet, the Read More

Keeping Up With the Times at Pine Ridge

Lots of people look at golf and think it's an old man's game - "my grandpa plays golf!" Yes, there are plenty of older gentlemen that play golf, however golf is becoming increasingly popular with the millennial age bracket. I spend a lot of time in the shop and at the course and I see plenty of Read More