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Winning on the PGA Tour is Only Getting Tougher

We all loved Tiger's run back in the day and think to ourselves "who will be the next Tiger?" We think "there has to be someone that can take over the game like he did, right?" Well, there have been rising stars who were labeled "the next big thing" and it seems as though none of them can do what Tiger was able to do. What gives? 

When you watch a PGA Tour event these days, it seems as though anyone can win. The guys are more athletic these days - everyone can hit it a mile and keep it in the fairway, the disparity in the length of players' drives isn't as high as it may have been in the past. Everyone can chip and putt with finesse; it's not just the smaller guys anymore that are solid around the green.

It also helps that there isn't a dominating figure on tour anymore. You can show up to any given tournament and see the big names but no one is THE big name. Teeing off in the final round with someone like Jordan or JT doesn't have the same feel to it as playing with Tiger. Yes, they're the big name guys - but do they want to step on your throat in the same way Tiger did? Just playing with Tiger could knock a guy off his game - if you weren't confident on the 1st tee, you may as well have just gone home at that point.

Lastly, take a look at the results for the tournaments so far this season. Starting in October, there's been only one golfer who has won three tournaments. That man is Bubba Watson - his win at the Traveler's this weekend gave him his 3rd victory of the season. A few guys have managed to win two - Dustin Johnson, JT, Justin Rose, and Jason Day. No one is winning 5+ tournaments in a season anymore, the field is just too deep.