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Tommy's Time at The Masters

Our General Manager Tommy attended the Masters this year and I just had to ask him some questions about the hallowed ground that is Augusta National. It’s a once in a lifetime trip so we needed to know the ins-and-outs of his experience.

What was your first impression of the Masters? “The free parking – everyone parked on perfect sod. There were thousands of volunteers – you wouldn’t believe how many people they have volunteering there. The staff were all super-friendly; good old Southern hospitality.”

Does TV do Augusta justice? “Definitely not – the course is much hillier in person and the greens have an unbelievable amount of slope to them.”

What does $10 get you at the concession stand? “I had a sandwich, iced tea, water, a cookie, a bag of chips, and a bag of popcorn – all for $10.”

Tommy followed Charley Hoffman and Patrick Reed on Thursday – “it was great hearing the conversations going on between those two. Patrick was talking about how he hit a stock wedge nine yards too far in a different round – it might not sound like much, but it shows that Patrick is here for business and is in the right frame of mind to compete on the PGA Tour. It’s good to be friendly and make small talk, but he’s out here to compete and be the best player on the tour.” Tommy also said that Tiger had a gallery that was “at least six deep – he also had security monitoring the crowd on every hole.”

All in all, Tommy says to “put your name in the ticket lottery – it’s something that you need to do if given the opportunity. It’s the trip of a lifetime.”