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Tiger's Comeback Continues at the PGA

Who would've thought that this year's PGA Championship would've been the most entertaining major of the season? When golfers think of major championships, they usually focus on the US Open, The Open, and the Masters. The PGA is just as important, but it just doesn't get the same amount of hype as the others do. This year's PGA was unbelievable and managed to make us all forget about the other majors for a brief moment in time. 

There were low numbers all over the place at Bellerive. There were 63's, 64's, 65's - this course was playing a bit easier than the other major courses. The course played a bit soft - guys were able to fire irons into the greens and hold them with relative ease - no bump-and-runs needed here. Guys like Woodland and Koepka took advantage - they were able to bomb drives and have wedges and low irons into greens.

Koepka played like a machine out there. He's calm, cool, and collected. Big time congrats to him - three majors in the past two seasons has him up there with the best - you can argue that he's right at the top of the tour right now. Now, just as impressive as Koepka's Sunday was with all of the other guys nipping at his heels, how about TIGER WOODS?? He's so close to getting that breakthrough win - he had a couple putts yesterday that missed by a centimeter - if they dropped, he could've been the champion! This is what we've all been missing - Tiger on Sunday playing out of his mind. He shot a 64 meanwhile he didn't hit a single fairway on the front nine. I don't know many golfers that could do that, maybe Bubba Watson with his ability to curve the ball and recover. 

Tiger Woods is back baby - he may be 43 now, but he's finding that energy he had when he was in his 20's and he's bringing out there with him. I can't wait til he finally breaks through and gets that win - it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when at this point.