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Tiger's 2018

So the Farmers Insurance Open is currently being played and I know we’re all watching to see how Tiger is playing. I’m impressed – his short game is solid and is keeping him relevant in this tournament. Tiger still has power off the tee; he’s hit a few drives well over 300 yards that you’d think only the younger guys should be hitting. His accuracy is still off, but I think he’ll work out the kinks because professional golfers don’t usually hit just 3 fairways during a round. The media will instantly start speculating as to whether or not he can compete this year in majors and I think it’s too soon to make an assessment on that. Everyone that plays in a major has a chance to win (barring injuries) and I’m sure every golfer will practice enough beforehand to ensure they’re fully prepared to compete. Everyone on the tour can hit the ball straight and stuff irons in tight and make putts – but who can do it when it counts? Tiger needs to put in a lot of work for the next few months if he wants to give himself a chance at Augusta. He’s had injuries that hampered him in the recent past which is causing his game to be inconsistent; he hasn’t had enough time to get solid practice in. If he can keep healthy and get his practice in, I wouldn’t write off at Augusta because he knows how to beat the course better than anyone else on tour right now.