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Tiger vs Phil: Prediction Thread

Just a few days ago the odds for the Tiger vs Phil match were released. We are still over a month away from the 10 million dollar match, however it's never too early to make predictions and look at the odds.

So Tiger is favored to beat Phil 2/3 and the spread is -1.5. This seems fair; they both had their highs and lows this year, but with Tiger's strong finish he's had the hotter hand. Phil looked off at the Ryder Cup - he was clearly one of the weak links for Team USA. Phil should play better here in an exhibition match - he'll have time to practice and it doesn't have the same pressure of a Ryder Cup on foreign soil. If I were to put money on this, I'd take Tiger and take the spread - I think Tiger should be able to beat Phil but a handful of strokes. 

There are some other prop bets that are downright hilarious - my favorites are the shirt color bets and the "will this even happen," prop. I think yes, it does happen, if you want to make some easy money you could bet that. For shirt colors - I think Tiger wears his classic red shirt and Phil goes with a black shirt. He better not wear one of those white button downs that he's been rocking - no one wants to see that.