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The Odd Year for Weather

This afternoon I was reading an article printed in the Cornell Newsletter that was about this year's weather and how it's affected turf growth and turf pests, such as crabgrass and nutsedge. We've all seen how crazy the weather has been this year - this summer had periods of extreme heat and lots of rain. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too balanced so the hot stretches were really hot and the wet stretches were really wet. When the weather acts up like it did this year, it can be tough (if not impossible) for courses to keep their turf healthy and in good shape. 

The theme of this year's weather has leaned towards it being warmer and wetter than usual. These conditions provide an opportunity for turf pests and fungi to grow. For all of you golfers out there - did you notice crabgrass on many of the courses you played this summer? I played a few courses on the island outside of Pine Ridge, and I noticed all of them had some sort of crabgrass growth that can be correlated to just the weather we got stuck with. We all expect courses to be in perfect shape and neatly manicured - it's just not possible when the weather isn't giving you proper growth conditions.

Thank your superintendents next time you see them - they've had an interesting year to deal with and they've all done their best at their respective courses. We can only hope for better weather next year!