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Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is in less than 48 hours and is shaping up to be one for the ages. The ever-young Tom Brady is competing for his sixth Super Bowl ring. Yes, his SIXTH ring. He’s going up against a tough defense that has only allowed teams to score an average of 18 points per game. The Eagles, despite being without their star quarterback, have gotten the job done with Nick Foles at the helm. In the NFC Championship the Eagles handled business and put the Vikings away early. The Patriots had to scrape away at a deficit in the AFC Championship and eventually came back against the Jaguars – what else did you expect? The Patriots seem to have the magic formula when it comes to comebacks; we all know what happened in the Super Bowl last year (sorry Falcons fans, you’ll never live that one down).

I’m torn on what I want to see come out of this Super Bowl. On one hand, it would be awesome for Philadelphia to get their first Super Bowl. However, a sixth ring would cement Tom Brady’s legacy as the greatest quarterback of all-time. Sure, it gets old seeing Tom Brady win rings. But how much longer will we get to see him compete at this level? He turns 41 this year, there are no guarantees that he is able to stay healthy and perform at this high level. The Eagles are set up for success in the coming seasons – Carson Wentz is showing that he is a premier talent in the league and that Eagles defense is no joke. If the Eagles don’t win this year, don’t count them out to return to the Super Bowl next year.

My prediction – Patriots win 30-28 on a late touchdown pass to Danny Amendola.