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Spring is the Best Time

So spring looks like it’s finally here and we hope it’s here to stay. The snow is melting and the temperatures are climbing – pretty soon we’ll all be out there playing golf again. The spring is great for a few reasons – the weather gets better, the NCAA Tournament is going on, and the baseball season starts back up! Oh, and the Masters is next weekend! That’s really what we all look forward to, not baseball or basketball.

This year’s Masters should be one for the ages. Tiger is back, Phil is playing well, Bubba has two wins coming into the tournament – and don’t forget about all the young guys that have been playing well, too. It’s hard to say who will come out on top this year – you could make a compelling case for each of the guys I listed above as well as guys as like Spieth, JT, and Rahm.

We’ll be watching the Masters here at Pine Ridge – we’ll have the restaurant open so you can enjoy some appetizers and drinks with your friends while cheering on your favorite golfers.