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Pine Ridge: How the Course Plays

I've played dozens upon dozens of rounds at Pine Ridge and felt like the course deserves a good write up. I've heard the course plays tough - it's narrow, it's firm, the greens are quick, etc. This is true - you need to have each aspect of your game working if you want to put up a good round here. This past off-season we took out a number of trees and laid down some new sod to widen up the holes a little bit and make it easier to keep the ball in play. I've found the course plays easier with the new sod because tee shots that used to roll into the woods are now staying in play, nestling in the rough beside the fairway. The holes were also opened up a bit - the tee shots are less intimidating and you don't have to stress when hitting driver.

The greens are smooth and quick - make sure you practice your putting before you get out on the course. There are plenty of subtle hills and knobs on the greens here; your speed needs to be correct or else you'll have a lot of 3-5 foot putts coming back. You won't have many straight putts here - really take a close look before you putt and be prepared to play some sort of break. The rough around the greens can be challenging - since the bunkers are not very deep, the rough protects the greens here. 

The course does play firm - you will get roll on your drives and your approach shots into the greens may bounce more than you'd expect. I personally like to land the ball short of the pins and let it roll back - only with a wedge in my hand do I try to hit it close to the pin on the fly. There are brown spots on the course - this is not a bad thing - be prepared for your ball to roll even further in these spots. If you watched the US Open or plan on watching the British Open, you will see brown spots there - the pros had to play the ball shorter and let it roll. 

Come out and give the course a shot - you won't know if you like it til you try it! We've made plenty of improvements to the course and we want you all to see them.