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Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is once again a winner on the PGA Tour after defeating Justin Thomas in a playoff. Phil is 47-years-young and is playing some solid golf following his hernia surgeries. It’s incredible to see one of the older guys take down the young talents – how many sports do you see 40-year-olds beating the young guys all by themselves? Sure, Tom Brady is 40+ and is still making Super Bowl appearances – he’s also joined by 10 other players on offense. Jaromir Jagr is also 40+ and still playing professional hockey – still, it’s a team sport. What those two are accomplishing is nothing short of great, but there’s something different about golf. When you play on the PGA Tour, you’re playing against 100 other golfers but you’re also playing against yourself. If you have a bad day, you can’t rely on other teammates picking up your slack. If you’re sick you can’t be substituted out – you either play through it or withdraw. If you withdraw, you don’t make any money – in other sports, you still get paid even if you miss a game. These older guys that still compete on tour are going against younger guys who are in their prime, physically speaking. There’s a reason why I have Phil as my US Open pick this year – his mental game and short game will give him a great shot at Shinnecock. Sure, there are younger guys who are poised to make a statement at the big tournaments, however Phil has been on tour for over 20 years and has the experience that’s needed in these big tournaments. Don’t count him out – he will contend at Shinnecock.