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NFL Playoffs

Winter is a drag; those of us up north look forward to spring before Christmas even rolls around. There isn’t much that we can do during the winter – some of us watch more TV, some of us play video games, and all of us dream about a temperature that doesn’t start with a 3. A good thing about the wintertime is that there are three sports seasons that are going on – basketball, hockey, and football. The NBA and NHL are entertaining and fun to follow. However, when January and February come around, it’s the NFL’s time to shine.

There is a sense of familiarity when it comes to the NFL playoffs this year – the Patriots and Steelers both made it in the AFC and the Falcons made it back in the NFC. The Panthers also made it back after a down year and Drew Brees led the Saints to the playoffs for the first time since 2013. However, there were a few newcomers who want to take down the teams that always seem to be in the mix. There’s Jacksonville and Philadelphia, teams that have a stingy defense with a competent offense. The Rams had a strong season and look to be a team to beat in future seasons. The Vikings, led by Case Keenum, exceeded expectations and surged into the playoffs.

The AFC and NFC Championship games are played this weekend; the previous games were some of the best playoff games in NFL history. The Steelers and Jaguars had a shootout in Pittsburgh with the Jaguars pulling through and advancing to the next round. The Saints and Vikings also played a close one – field goals were traded at the end until a miracle touchdown catch-and-fun by Stefon Diggs sealed the game for Minnesota. The Jaguars are playing the Patriots for the AFC Championship – can they get over the hump and take down Bill Belichick and Tom Brady? Can the Eagles beat the Vikings with Nick Foles as their QB? No one is sure, but this weekend is sure to be an exciting one and we can’t wait to watch the games!