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Leagues at Pine Ridge

It’s May and the golf season is underway! We have a lot going on at Pine Ridge; we have a Men’s league, a Ladies league, a junior league, junior camps, and Friday night putting contests. Each of these are on different days, so find one that matches your schedule and come play Pine Ridge!

Our Men’s League is on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am. The guys tee off in shotgun format every week and the groupings are usually changed weekly so that each golfer gets to play with someone new. There are no commitments here – you don’t need to play every week, just play when you can!

The Ladies’ League is on Thursday mornings and also begins at 8:30 am. Just like the guys, the ladies tee off in shotgun format every week. The leagues are a great way to meet new people – you get to play with someone new every week!

Our junior programs are starting up and we’re very excited about it! Our Junior League team is going to be competitive – we have 26 talented young golfers who are eager to take on the other teams around the league. Unfortunately, the registration is closed. If you have junior golfers who are interested in Pine Ridge, we still have our junior camps this summer. We usually hold three separate week-long sessions (one in June, one in July, one in August) where the kids are taught proper golf form and etiquette.

Don’t have anything to do on Friday nights? We’re hosting putting contests every Friday night! 6 pm start time right on the practice green. Only $25 – come down and show everyone what you’ve got!

The adult leagues include beer, wine, soda, appetizers, weekly prizes and end-of-season prizes. Come down to the golf course to sign up!