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Keeping Up With the Times at Pine Ridge

Lots of people look at golf and think it's an old man's game - "my grandpa plays golf!" Yes, there are plenty of older gentlemen that play golf, however golf is becoming increasingly popular with the millennial age bracket. I spend a lot of time in the shop and at the course and I see plenty of younger players out here playing or practicing their golf. Here at Pine Ridge we want to make sure we cater to everyone's needs, whether it be our senior players or our younger players. 

We've implemented numerous ideas or strategies aimed at the younger generation. First and foremost - Wi-Fi. We have Wi-Fi all over the clubhouse to make sure we're all staying connected. Mobile phones are larger than life these days - everything we do in life seems to be related to our phones! Speaking of phones - everyone has some form of social media, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We have Pine Ridge social media accounts that we encourage everyone to follow - we have giveaways, we keep everyone posted when it comes to our events, we post about course conditions, etc. You're doing yourself no favors if you aren't following our pages!

So we host multiple events at Pine Ridge that would be great for the younger demographic. On September 22nd we have the Sam Adams Open. This event his highlighted by the Sam Adams sponsorship - the dinner options are paired with specific beers to create a unique flavor - it's a cool experience that you and your friends should consider being a part of. On October 13th is our Montauk Oktoberfest. Montauk make some great beers - my personal favorite is the Montauk watermelon. If you haven't tried Montauk beers yet you should attend this event - there's beer tastings during the round, it doesn't get much cooler than that!

In closing, we try our best to keep things interesting for all of our customers - we've really been putting our efforts towards the millennial generation. Take a peek at our events that are going on - they're always a great time and a fantastic deal. We hope to see you all soon!