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Junior League Success

This past weekend our Junior League All Star team competed in the Regional Championships at Ledge Rock Golf Club in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. Our team was one of four that made it to this prestigious event - the other three teams were representing Syracuse, New Jersey, and Delaware. All four teams were full of talented junior golfers who brought their talents to Southern Pennsylvania. 

Saturday was a long day for our juniors - they played two nine-hole matches, which is more than they're used to. They won both matches to advance to the Championship match on Sunday. Delaware also won both of their matches on Saturday - Suffolk County would take on Delaware to see who moved on to the Junior League Finals in Arizona. 

The matches were hard fought - Delaware ending up winning the match 9-3. You'd think kids would be crying and upset that they lost the championship - our kids took it in stride and made sure to congratulate the Delaware team right there on the final green after play finished. Sure, they were disappointed, but they realized that being 2nd in the entire region is an accomplishment within itself. I'm so proud of the juniors on our All Star team - they showed themselves they have what it takes to compete at a high level and now they can come back next season and chase that title again. Can't wait to see what 2019 brings!