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Golf in Wintertime

For those of us that live in cold weather areas, winter is a time where we retire the sticks and watch golf highlights on TV for a few months while dreaming about the spring. 

Some people get away for the winter – many of us don’t. For those of us that don’t, there aren’t many options on the island that will satisfy our golf needs in the winter. There are heated ranges – but when it’s 10 degrees out, it’s still pretty damn cold even with the heat and I’m not sure many of us are willing to brave that temperature just to hit some balls. 

There are a couple spots where you can play simulated golf – but that can cost a bit of money and it just isn’t the same as the real thing. For most of us, we end up putting in the hallway at home into our least-favorite coffee mug. We do it so much that we know to aim 3 inches to the right on the 20 footer or else it’ll swing left near the bedroom door. 

What does this do for our game? Well, in the springtime we’ll all be making our 10 foot bogey putts!