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Exciting Times at Pine Ridge

With the 2018 season approaching quickly, it’s that time of year where we start to kick things up and get ready for the spring golfers. This year is different – we are making some awesome changes to Pine Ridge and we can’t wait to show you when they’re completed! We’re freshening up the back deck, renovating the outdoor patio and bathrooms, putting in extensive work into the golf course, opening up the halfway house, and more! There’s so much going on that it’s hard to keep track of all these changes.

The back deck will have new furniture that will include fire pits! There will be three fire pits with chairs surrounding them, a few loveseats, and some other seating options. We want to make the back deck a spot to hang out while relaxing and enjoying the view of hole 18. Nearby, on the patio, there will be new tables and chairs to enhance our outdoor events. If you’re here for an outing you won’t have to worry about it getting crowded inside – you’ll have the choice of sitting inside by the bar or outside in the fresh air!

It’s not just the clubhouse that’s getting worked on this offseason – the golf course itself will be seeing improvements as well! New sod and irrigation systems will keep the course fun and playable for all golfers. Areas of the course will be widened to give golfers a better chance to keep the ball in play – this will certainly help speed up the pace of play. The halfway house that is near the 7th tee box will also be opened – now golfers can get their snacks and refreshments without slowing up the pace by coming back to the clubhouse!

All in all, we’re very excited about the changes that are being made at Pine Ridge in preparation for the 2018 season. We hope that our golfers and patrons share the same enthusiasm about these projects and we can’t wait to have a great 2018 with all of you!