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Good Times at the Hawaiian Luau Party!

This past weekend we hosted our Summer Luau Party. The day began with 18 holes of golf, but the party started around 5:30 pm. There was a solid turnout for the party - at least 25 people came dressed in their finest Hawaiian gear. Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, straw hats - everyone's inner-Hawaiian Read More

Pine Ridge: How the Course Plays

I've played dozens upon dozens of rounds at Pine Ridge and felt like the course deserves a good write up. I've heard the course plays tough - it's narrow, it's firm, the greens are quick, etc. This is true - you need to have each aspect of your game working if you want to put up a good round here. Read More

The British Open is Around the Corner

Two majors are in the books - now it's time to focus on The Open. What should we expect coming into this year's Open? Tiger has made some progress and his game is so close to getting him another win on Tour. Dustin Johnson is still hitting it as far as ever and has upped his career PGA Tour win Read More

Winning on the PGA Tour is Only Getting Tougher

We all loved Tiger's run back in the day and think to ourselves "who will be the next Tiger?" We think "there has to be someone that can take over the game like he did, right?" Well, there have been rising stars who were labeled "the next big thing" and it seems as though none of them can do what Read More

Fun Day at the US Open!

Some members of our Junior League and I attended the US Open practice round on Wednesday. It felt surreal to be standing on such famous grounds surrounded by the biggest names in golf. The first thing we did when we arrived was head to the  Lexus tent. Each of the kids took turns trying to Read More

Juniors Getting the Job Done!

The Pine Ridge Bombers had their first matches this past weekend. Team 1 played at Timber Point and Team 2 played at home. Both teams secured victories - Team 1 amassed a total of 7.5 flags versus Timber Point's 4.5. Team 2 scored 8 flags to Timber Point's 4. We're very proud of our junior golfers Read More

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