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Rich Jones
PGA Head Professional

RICH JONES, PGA, CTFT COACH –Metropolitan PGA Junior Teacher of the Year and US Kids Top 50 Instructor. 

M.S.     Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12)
B.S.      Business Marketing/Management
Professional Awards:
PGA Lead, 2017-2018 Class 
Metropolitan PGA Junior Leader
Top 50 US Kids Teacher
PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game
PGA National Junior Leader Award (Finalist)

Rich Jones, Class-A PGA Professional and Certified First Tee Coach, has been a Golf Professional since 1996.  A member of the PGA of America. Rich has extensive experience coaching adult men/women, juniors, seniors, disabled golfers and professional athletes.  

As a First Tee Certified Coach in Suffolk County, Rich has expanded his junior programs to serve the diverse needs of the community.  Beyond The First Tee, Rich has also developed a variety of other junior programs:  From Little Linksters programs, In-School programs, Gang Prevention Golf Programs, private instruction programs, to ball-field programs, where he has transformed football and baseball fields into miniature golf courses.  His programs offer education, fitness, wellness and life skills to children using golf and its inherent values as context.  Employing activity-based programming, students begin to acquire life tools and skills to reinforce lessons they learn at home and in school.  Rich’s passion for junior programs throughout Suffolk County have proven successful. He has enabled approximately 3,000 junior golfers access to the game of golf, and his programs have been featured on News 12 and NBC, during the 2009 US Women’s Open.  Many of his junior students have successfully moved on to play golf in high school, at the collegiate level, and beyond.

In addition to specializing in junior instruction, perhaps Rich’s greatest testimony in teaching golf comes from the hundreds of adults he has introduced to the game of golf.  Rich is recognized as a professional who is always enthusiastic and available to help those who want to learn.  From beginners, high handicappers, top amateurs or professionals, men, women, seniors or disabled golfers, Rich delivers a variety of individual one-on-one adult instruction to multi-learner camps and clinics.  All students find Rich’s teaching style and philosophy easy to understand and effective, with immediate results that carry over to the golf course.           

My Teaching Philosophy
“As a PGA professional, I am committed to helping students achieve a greater enjoyment of the game. Whether they are just being introduced to the game, or training for high level tournament play, my time tested techniques help them realize their golfing goals. Strong emphasis is placed on the importance of pre-swing fundamentals. Proper grip, aim, stance, balance, posture, alignment and ball position are the foundation and basis of any good golf swing.

Educating students on the how’s and why’s, and not just the do’s and don’ts, is fundamental to my swing philosophy. Understanding the cause and effect relationships in golf help students become better players.  The more knowledge students have, the better equipped they will be to handle the challenges of this game. I base my teaching on the nine Ball Flight Laws of golf and am committed to helping students better understand their golf swing.

Students learn new tasks differently. As an instructor, it is my responsibility to ensure the message is understood in the most concise method possible. There are three methods of learning: HEARING IT, SEEING IT, and FEELING IT.  I believe in utilizing all three styles. Extensive use of video and technology help enhance the learning experience. “Feel and real” must be the same to play consistent golf. Swing development requires practice along with professional guidance to keep students on the path to better golf; practicing correctly, with prescribed swing drills, will help accomplish this goal.

“I feel privileged to be able to help shape and mold students’ outlook on golf, because I know golf will shape their outlook on life.  I understand I am teaching more than how to play a game.  I have developed a love and passion for teaching.  I believe in this so much that I have dedicated my career to making golf accessible and affordable for juniors, especially those who would not normally have the chance to play.  It is my gift to share, my responsibility, and my way of giving back.”